Hellas Frost Company was founded in 1998 by an envisioned entrepreneur as a family owned business and has since grown to cover the production of a full range of frozen vegetables grown in the fertile valleys of Evros, in Northern Greece, the surrounding area of the company's facilities. This has been wisely chosen in order to achieve the minimum possible transportation time (30 min.) and ensure the minimum loss in nutritional value and flavor of the products.

The Company’s vertical integration – farming, harvesting, frozen-food processing, and distribution – has created a diverse array of resources that few other organizations achieve. 

Our organization's Pillars – Respect for Nature, Passion for Healthy Eating, Commitment to our clients Satisfaction, and Spirit of Innovation - have set the foundation stone and the philosophy of a sophisticated company. 

Hellas Frost  from its early foundation invests in healthier frozen food options that meet and exceed consumers’ expectations. Pioneer in industrial farming, standardization freezing and packaging agricultural products in Greece, has a history of providing high-end quality frozen vegetables to the market.

The company has also invested significant resources to ensure that our operations are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Quality Demo

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ISO EN ISO 22000:2005 certified
ISO EN ISO 22000:2005 certified